August Financial Tpo-Dos

Each month, we offer suggestions for ways to chip away at your financial goals. The idea is that doing at least one thing each month, you can make significant progress. This month, consider focusing your attention on a necessary but often neglected aspect of any plan: what to do when things go wrong. Review and […]

Will you ever be content?

by Jonathan Harrison - Purposeful Living

In 2014, a Harvard Business School professor surveyed the wealthiest clients of a large investment bank. He wanted to find out if their riches had brought them a greater level of happiness and contentment than the less wealthy. So he asked these wealthy clients how happy they were now — and if having more money […]

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Why your money story matters Three reasons your money story matters

by Jonathan Harrison - Purposeful Living

Would you tell your neighbor your annual income? Would you ask theirs? Probably not. Talking about money makes most of us cringe: 70% of us consider it rude to talk about money. It’s considered a “taboo” topic, right up there with politics . . . maybe even beyond. But there are plenty of benefits to […]

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July’s Financial To-Dos

by Jonathan Harrison - Financial To-Dos, Investments

We’re now halfway through 2017. Have you made the financial progress you were hoping for? Now is a good time to tackle one or two tasks to help you make incremental headway. You’ll be surprised how much progress you can make if you focus on just the most pressing item or two each month. With […]

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A summer of growth at Sound Stewardship

by Matt Syverson - Our Team

Earlier this year, our team achieved 13 years in business — and year 14 has proven to be an exciting one. Our firm is growing in a number of ways to serve you even better. Here’s the latest at Sound Stewardship: Welcoming Dan Reiter and celebrating team anniversaries Please join us in welcoming Dan Reiter, […]

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