Jeb Flynn

Client Care Associate

I’m passionate about helping clients achieve financial freedom, allowing them to devote time & resources to loving and serving their families, their city and the world.

Joining us at Sound Stewardship in early 2019, Jeb serves as a Client Care Specialist, helping analyze client situations, rebalance portfolios and generally, help clients achieve their financial goals by handling the small details.

Coming from a background in ministry, Jeb is an ordained minister in his denomination, and we are excited for the unique ways he will be able to contribute here at Sound Stewardship. Growing up in central Kansas, Jeb has now lived in the greater Kansas City area for the last 11 years. He and his wife Marcela enjoy outdoor activities like running, biking and tennis.

“Even though I’m fresh to the world of finance, I’ve quickly come up to speed in my role to empower clients towards generosity and significance.  There are so many ways to make a difference in the lives of others, and I am regularly inspired by the many ways our clients choose to do just that.”

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